San Francisco March Against Hate

Videos from the March


We are organizing a demonstration in San Francisco on December 10th, 2016: a peaceful march against Donald Trump and the extremism that his current and prospective cabinet picks represent.
We do NOT accept Stephen Bannon
We do NOT accept Jeff Sessions
We do NOT accept Rudi Giuliani
We do NOT accept Donald Trump
We do NOT accept Mike Pence
We do NOT accept the Election Results of 2016


Join our event, and also please donate to help us pay for the stage, printing of materials, sound system rental, as well as city permits. We're not a large organization and are depending on the generosity of the SF Bay Area to help us pay for logistics.

If you're shocked by the normalization of hate speech and intolerance by a master manipulator of mainstream media, you’ll want to ATTEND this march against hatred and bigotry on December 10th in downtown San Francisco.

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